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On top of Auyan-Tepui near the precipice of Angel Falls in Canaima National Park, Venezuela. In February 1997, on an expedition with renowned skydiving/BASE jumping cinematographer Tom Sanders, Bruce became the 101st person to BASE jump from the top of Angel Falls - the tallest waterfall in the world.
Outside of his interests in travel and history writing and photography, Bruce has a bit of a sweet tooth for adventure. He skydived for 30 years, made more than 4500 skydives, and for a while did consulting work as a high-performance parachute designer and prototype tester for a major parachute manufacturer. He dabbled in BASE jumping too—he was the 54th person to jump the New River Gorge Bridge and the 101st person to jump the world's tallest waterfall—Angel Falls in Venezuela. In addition, he and co-driver Doug Davidson race their Mazda Miata in SCCA endurance road racing competitions (and have brought home a few trophies!). Other adventurous endeavors include scuba diving, kayaking, and paragliding.
BRUCE HUNT is a native Floridian photographer and writer living in Tampa, Florida. He has authored ten Florida travel and history books, a novel, and has written and photographed numerous articles for magazines and newspapers. For five years he was a regular feature writer and photographer for DuPont Registry Tampa Bay Magazine. His work has also appeared in The St. Petersburg Times (Tampa Bay Times), Tampa Tribune, Backpacker Magazine, Rock & Ice Magazine, Skydiving Magazine, Florida Trend Magazine, and Celebrity Car Magazine, among others. Bruce also writes the VISITING SMALL TOWN FLORIDA, SEAFOOD LOVERS FLORIDA, and CAR AND DINER blogs.